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If you overlook these simple vehicle repairs, you could be on the road to getting a ticket.

Most drivers are just everyday people who are going about their lives, focused on everyday things: Pressure at work, staying healthy, spending time with the family, wondering how long it’s going to take to get through the morning commute, or simply just thinking about what to pick up for dinner. With all of these things going on in our busy lives, it’s easy to sometimes overlook some of the small stuff. However, that small stuff we overlook can cost us in a big way: Getting pulled over and potentially getting a ticket. We’ve put together a quick list of some basic car care issues that shouldn’t be ignored, and we’re going to run through them today to help you avoid the hassle and headache that comes with getting pulled over:

Unreadable License Plates: If your license plate light is out, you might find yourself being pulled over for having an unreadable license plate. If you notice your light is out, get it replaced as soon as possible.

Windshield Cracks: If you’re driving a car with a cracked windshield, there could be a chance that it’s obstructing your vision when you drive. It may seem like a mild inconvenience, but it could potentially land you ticket on top of that.

Cracked or Broken Tail Lights: Tail lights are required to shine red, so if you’ve got a crack in one, white light might come pouring out, leaving you light on cash because of a common traffic violation.

Broken Turn Signals: If you’re driving without a working turning signal, it’s only a matter of time before you’re going to get pulled over.

The things that we’ve covered on this list may seem like small problems that you don’t have time to fix, but avoiding the cost of a ticket and sparing yourself the inconvenience of getting pulled over make fixing any of these issues when you notice them a no-brainer. If you notice any of these problems with your car, come and visit the certified experts at Matt Bowers Nissan Nola and get peace of mind by knowing that your vehicle is roadworthy from top to bottom.   

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