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13050 I-10 Service Rd New Orleans, LA 70128 (504) 245-5900
13050 I-10 Service Rd, New Orleans, LA 70128
Sales: (504) 320-1960 | Service/Parts: (504) 245-5900
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Find out why Matt Bowers Nissan Nola has the best used cars in the business!

Matt Bowers Nissan Nola is one of the best-used car dealerships and the go-to destination when it comes to used cars for sale under $10,000 in New Orleans, LA. Matt Bowers Nissan Nola will go the extra mile to make sure that every single interaction you have with us is fulfilling, and every car you buy from us will be an investment that you feel good about. 

We have a vast inventory of high-quality pre owned cars at excellent prices. If you are wondering “Which is the best place to look for used cars for sale under 10,000 dollars near me?” then you definitely must visit our showroom. Let us take a look at all the reasons why to choose Matt Bowers Nissan Nola. 

Availability - We Have What You’re Looking For

The stumbling block for most used car dealerships in New Orleans is that they are often unable to provide the car you want and will try to force you to accept something that was never your choice. The beautiful thing about Matt Bowers Nissan Nola is you don’t have to compromise. We have a complete collection of used cars for sale under $10,000.  If you do not have a set model or make in mind, stop buy or start your search online.  You can easily find the best-used cars under 10000 here.

We Provide You Easy Financing Options

Easy financing options are no longer exclusive to brand new cars. We understand that things like a bad credit score should not stand in the way of people owning their dream car. While other car dealerships can make your life difficult, you don’t have to worry about hassles or red tape  with us because we have our own finance company – “Great Southern Acceptance.” We’ve helped so many people buy the car of their dreams. Isn’t it time we helped you too?

Great Service & Maintenance

Buying a car is just the first step. A vehicle requires regular maintenance, and some people like to modify their vehicles according to their tastes. That is why we do a lot more than sell used cars. We offer in-house servicing options and other car maintenance options. 

Any future needs of your vehicle can be met right here, and you do not have to worry about finding a suitable service center. We offer a one stop solution for all car owners in New Orleans, LA. We have a team of highly experienced service personnel, and all of this makes us the number used car dealership in New Orleans.

Did You Know About Our One-To-One Rewards Program?

This is a one-of-a-kind initiative that again proves our commitment to reward our customers. We want our customers to know that they are our most significant assets. That is why every single penny you spend here and everything you buy no matter how small will earn you reward points. You may redeem your points during future purchases. This makes buying pretty much anything from us a lucrative endeavor.

Need Help, Have Questions? Contact Us Today!

We have a great track record of putting many smiles on a lot of people’s faces. Buying a used car can either be a very fulfilling experience or a traumatic one. If you want the former than waste no time and call us right away. We have the best used cars for sale under $10,000 in New Orleans, LA waiting for you here!

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