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Keep your ride in top condition and avoid being stranded this winter by completing some simple automotive maintenance.

The calendar is clicking over into a new year, and the temperatures are dropping even in New Orleans, LA. At Matt Bowers New Orleans Nissan, we encourage you to winterize your vehicle. Yes, even when you live where the thermometer rarely reads below 40F, we recommend that you take the time to make sure your car will keep you safe and comfortable, even if you take a road trip up north to visit the snow.  Follow this quick list to keep you mobile this winter:


  • Tire Tread Keeps You on the Move: Whether we are talking a January deluge or a random snowstorm that comes south, only tires with good tread will be able to drive through deep mud and ignore a bit of slush on the roads. Use the penny test to check if yours are in good shape.
  • New Wiper Blades and full Washer Fluid Provide a Clear View: A heavy downpour will create a blurry, streaky mess across your windshield when your wiper blades are more than a year old. Have them changed out at our service center and top up the windshield washer fluid, too.
  • A Complete Emergency Kit Changes a Tire:  When you bought the car there was a jack, tire iron, fix-a-flat, air compressor, and flares in the back. Is it all still there? You might want to add a flashlight, knee pads, blanket, and some energy bars in case you get stranded during an intense weather situation.
  • Test the Battery and Get Started on the Coldest Days: No matter how old your car is, it takes the same amount of power to start the engine. An aging battery will fail to get you going on a freezing cold night. Bring it to our service center and have it tested and even replaced before you have to call for a tow truck.
  • Does the Heat Really Work?: It isn't often that you need the heat working in your New Orleans ride, but finding out it is broken on the coldest night of the year really sucks. As part of your vehicle winterization, crank it up and make sure those heated seats turn on, too.
  • New Radiator Coolant Prevents Freezing: You are aware that a radiator leaking coolant in the summer will cause your engine to overheat. It also serves to protect your car from getting damaged in the icy cold of winter. Make sure your antifreeze level is topped up and have your radiator flushed according to the recommended maintenance schedule in your Nissan owners manual.
  • Will Your Brakes Bring You to a Stop?: Has it been a while since your automotive technician inspected your brakes? Are they grinding and taking longer to slow you down? If the roads freeze over, you will need new brakes in order to maintain control.  Talk to your service center to make sure you are safe even on snow-covered roads when you take a trip north.

If you need help getting your ride ready to tackle wintry roads, schedule an appointment with our Service Center at Matt Bowers New Orleans today. Just give us at a call at 504-245-5900 or use our easy online form.

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